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Logan Munro

New York City
Logan Munro, Cofounder & Head of Engineering at Ringly (http://ringly.com/) is an engineer with the single goal to make the best products at the best company. After graduating, Logan took some time to learn about the business and marketing side of products at Rosetta, a technology and pharma consulting firm, for over 6 years. In this time he focused on driving marketing strategies through primary research, and always had his eyes on extending this knowledge to the hardware space. Previous work experience includes the design and testing of implanted medical devices, and he developed and patented a novel mechanism used to explore the insides of oil wells. Logan has taught himself website and Android programming and has created several apps, including the Ringly interface. In 2013, Logan returned to his true passion of product creation as a co-founder of Ringly. Based in New York City, Ringly is a brand and technology company that integrates wearable technology with beautifully designed, fashionable jewelry and accessories. A dedicated traveler, Logan spent most of his youth in Scotland, before coming back to the United States for his education. Logan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in management from MIT.